Official Website:
Visit the official website of the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) at You can often find contact
information, tourism updates, and resources for planning your trip.
Email: You can
send an email inquiry to the Tourism Council of Bhutan at their official email
address, which you can typically find on their website.
Tour Operators
: You may also consider reaching out to local tour operators
in Bhutan. They can provide you with information on tour packages, itineraries,
and other travel-related queries. Look for reputable tour operators with good
reviews online.
or Consulate
: If you’re contacting Bhutan’s tourism authorities from
abroad, you can also get in touch with the Bhutanese embassy or consulate in
your country for assistance and information.
Bhutan Tourism may have official social media profiles on platforms like
Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can try messaging them through these
channels for inquiries.
Travel agencies specializing in Bhutan travel can also provide contact
information and assist you with your travel plans
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