Travel and tourism services
in Bhutan are primarily managed and regulated by the Bhutanese government to
ensure sustainable and responsible tourism that preserves the country’s unique
culture and environment. Bhutan, known for its stunning landscapes, rich
culture, and Gross National Happiness index, attracts travelers from around the
world. Here are some key aspects of travel and tourism services in Bhutan:
Visa and Entry
Travelers to Bhutan must obtain a visa in advance through a licensed Bhutanese
tour operator. Independent travel is not permitted, and tourists must book
their trips through a registered tour company.
Tour Packages: Tourists in Bhutan are required to
book all-inclusive tour packages that cover accommodation, meals,
transportation, and a guide. These packages are typically customized to suit
the interests and preferences of the travelers.
Minimum Daily
: Bhutan
has a minimum daily tariff that must be paid by all tourists. This tariff is
designed to promote high-value, low-impact tourism and includes a sustainable
development fee, accommodation, meals, and a guide.
: Bhutan
places a strong emphasis on sustainable tourism. The government enforces
policies to minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and
Bhutan offers unique cultural experiences, including visits to monasteries,
dzongs (fortresses), and festivals such as the Paro Tsechu and Thimphu Tshechu.
Tourists can also participate in traditional Bhutanese activities like archery
and mask dancing.
Trekking and
Outdoor Activities
Bhutan’s pristine natural landscapes offer excellent opportunities for trekking
and outdoor activities. Popular treks include the Druk Path Trek, Snowman Trek,
and Jomolhari Trek.
Wildlife and
: Bhutan
is home to diverse flora and fauna. Tourists can explore national parks and
wildlife sanctuaries to spot animals like takin, snow leopards, and red pandas.
Cuisine: Bhutanese cuisine is unique and
includes dishes like Ema Datshi (chili and cheese stew) and momo (dumplings).
Travelers can savor these local delicacies as part of their tour packages.
Accommodation: Bhutan offers a range of
accommodation options, from luxury hotels to homestays in traditional Bhutanese
Transportation: Tour operators arrange
transportation within Bhutan, including flights between Paro (the only
international airport) and other cities such as Thimphu and Bumthang.

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